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Contemporary Papercut Sculpture Art by Nahoko Kojima.


Contemporary Paper Artist, Kojima in Takumi (2019) film

Contemporary Paper Artist, Kojima was the focus of a feature length movie directed by acclaimed Chefs Table…

Paper Sculpture Nahoko Kojima

Paper Sculpture, Sumi (2019) Crocodile

Nahoko Kojima unveiled her latest 8.5m crocodile, Sumi at the the Dulwich Picture Gallery museum and details…

Shiro, life-sized Blue Whale at BACC, Bangkok

Our recent Solo Kojima produced show in Bangkok. See Nahoko Kojima’s largest Paper Cut Sculpture to date,…

Paper cut Sculpture, Nahoko Kojima

Japanese Paper Cut Art at BACC Bangkok by Nahoko Kojima

Nahoko Kojima wins Kuwasawa Award 2016

Paper Cut Workshop London

Paper Cut Art Workshop London – Christmas Ornament Special

Holburne Museum, Bath, Nahoko Kojima, Contemporary Paper Cut Artist, Queen's Royal Collection Gold - Honey - Paper Cut Sculpture

Contemporary Artist UK Paper Cut Sculpture: Nahoko Kojima solo show at Holburne Museum, Bath, UK

Contemporary Artist Nahoko Kojima unveils her latest Paper Cut Sculpture meticulously hand made using a custom made Gold…

Bath Life Arts Nahoko Kojima Art Holburne Museum


BVLGARI Bridal Art Nahoko Kojima Japanese Paper Cut

Nahoko Kojima Bulgari Bridal Art Window Display Paper Cut – Stores across Asia

Nahoko Kojima reinvents BVLGARI Bridal Art creating a series of sumptuous Paper Cut Artworks for Bulgari Stores across…

Bulgari Brial Art Nahoko Kojima – Short FIlm 2015

Bulgari-Bridal-Art Nahoko-Kojima-Doves-Paper Cut Art Window Display

BVLGARI x Nahoko Kojima: Bridal Art Commission 2015

High end luxury brand, Bulgari commissions Paper Cut master Nahoko Kojima to reinvent Bridal Art in Window…

Artist Nahoko Kojima Holburne Museum

Kojima’s Next Major UK Show 2015

Japanese paper cut artist Nahoko Kojima will create an intricate floating three dimensional sculpture from a single…

Visit – Latest Paper Cut Art

Welcome to Solo Kojima, founders of the Paper Cut Sculpture movement.

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ArtPrize2014 Paper Cut Sculpture Washi Bald Eagle Nahoko Kojima ArtPrize

Nahoko Kojima’s latest masterpiece Washi Bald Eagle in debut US show

ArtPrize 2014: Nahoko Kojima astounds US crowd with the heavenly, Washi (2014) Bald Eagle. The word literally…

ArtPrize 2014 Paper Cut Workshops Nahoko Kojima Top Artist

ArtPrize 2014: Workshops with hundreds of local Michigan high-schoolers

ArtPrize2014 Installation Paper Cut Sculpture Nahoko Kojima Byaku Swimming Polar Bear ArtPrize

Nahoko Kojima debut US Show

For her debut US Show in Michigan, Nahoko Kojima created a breathtaking show featuring her three most…

ArtPrize2014 ArtPrize Nahoko Kojima Ford Museum, MI, USA

ArtPrize 2014: Top 5 by Public Vote: Nahoko Kojima

ArtPrize 2014: Nahoko Kojima Top 5 by Public Vote Nahoko Kojima amazes US crowd at ArtPrize in…

Gerald Ford Museum, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Nahoko Kojima in Michigan, USA

Unveiled: Nahoko Kojima’s next major masterwork in Paper Art, in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan at…

Nahoko Kojima Arte TV

Arte TV interview with Nahoko Kojima for programme Metroplenreport

Story Pieces

Set of two handmade papercut pieces: Story of the Rabbit [2009] (Sold to private collector in 2014)….

Ruthin Craft Centre Jerwood Makers Open

Byaku in North Wales

Byaku continues his UK Tour as part of the Jerwood Makers Open. The concluding show is in…

designboom exclusive of Byaku (2013) Film

designboom the renowned design influencer exclusively reveals the Byaku (2013) Promo Film. Read the article by clicking…

Byaku (2013) Promo Film

Papercutting Art Nahoko Kojima

Now: Byaku at Piers Art Centre in the Orkney Islands

Photograph © Solo Kojima. All Rights Reserved. As part of the Jerwood Makers Open 2013 series of…

Independent Feature Arts -- Nahoko Kojima -- Paper Cut Sculpture

The Independent – Feature on Paper Artist, Nahoko Kojima

The Independent this weekend ran a story on Nahoko Kojima and her practice in Studio Solo Kojima…

Paper Cut - Japanese Artist - Nahoko Kojima

Byaku (2013)

Photographs © Solo Kojima. All Rights Reserved. [wpdm_file id=51]

Paper Cut Art Nahoko Kojima Byaku - Jerwood Makers Open

Byaku at Jerwood Space

Nahoko Kojima’s Byaku at the Jerwood Makers Open 10 July – 25 August 2013 Weekdays, 10am –…

designboom art sculpture

Kojima on Designboom; most popular of the month

An article written about Nahoko Kojima and her now famous Cloud Leopard appeared on Designboom on 2…

Paper Art: Nahoko Kojima’s Paper Cut Sculptures Documentary

Paper Art An insightful short documentary following leading Paper Cut Artist, Nahoko Kojima’s journey in to the…