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Buy Wall Art, Wall Sculptures and Paper Cut Art Sculptures, handmade by Nahoko Kojima.

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Where do we ship to? Is P&P included? Anywhere in the world and where there is no additional information about the P&P, you should consider it included in the price.

Is there any customs duty I will have to pay? All orders are dispatched from London and for any exports outside the UK you may be liable to pay customs and excise duty on products coming into your country, if the parcel is opened at customs. It is usually the same as paying VAT but check this because it is your responsibility.

What methods of payment are accepted? We accept all major credit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard, PayPal and also direct transfer to account. Get in touch if you want to use the last method for more details, stating clearly the piece(s) you wish to purchase and your name and address.

What about items that do not have a Buy wall art button? These large items require preparation or specialist installations so they depend heavily on where they are going. Get in touch and we will respond to you within 24 hours and give you a total price based on the consultation.

How long does it take to dispatch when I buy wall art online? We aim to dispatch all buy wall art orders within 2 working days. In the UK they are sent by courier or first class signed for, trackable postage. International orders may take between 5-10 working days depending on your postal connection to the UK, always sent by first class airmail.

Are refunds or returns offered when I buy wall art online? When you buy wall art that is unique, upon private inspection, refunds are not accepted. We want you to be happy with your new Art so we will be happy to help you with any aftercare advice in looking after your work but maintenance is not an included part of the item cost.

What are the terms of usage after I buy wall art by Nahoko Kojima? You are free to enjoy your Art as you wish whether in your home or office and show it privately or in public. As with all Art, the Artist retains all moral rights of having created the Artworks and you are not permitted to pass it on as your own work. You are free to sell the work but you may not remix, transform or alter it in any way nor change this simple usage licence in the process.

Can Artwork be reframed after sale? You can but we strongly advise against doing this yourself and it is completely at your own risk. Paper Cut Art inside the cavity frames is usually always fixed to the back sheet to stop it sliding over time so if you were to open the frame there is a danger you would tear the work. If this is an issue stopping you from buying a piece you like, then the best thing to do is ask us to change it to one you like, before you buy, as we work with some of the best framers and can get you a professional finish at affordable prices.

Are the items insured during transit? This depends on the value of the item and where it is going. Usually yes, and when you buy wall art from us, all items are insured against damage or loss during transit. Larger items are sent by a specialist Art courier dependant on your location.

Is paper not weak? How do the artworks handle different environments? Nahoko Kojima selects papers specially for each piece and using archival quality paper is very important to the artist. The Japanese washi she often uses is not just durable up to hundreds of years but with care up to a thousand years. Paper is actually incredibly versatile and can be more durable than paintings and traditional sculptures with the proper care.

buy wall art to invest? Once you purchase the artwork it is yours and you have the right to sell it at a later date at a higher cost. This is why it is very important to buy wall art from established artists and research their background and find out if their professional reputation is growing or whether they are hobbyists.

Is investing in Art tax deductible? In most countries you can deduct a certain percentage when you buy wall art each year for the purposes of your business, for example in the interior design of an office where customers attend consultations, a hotel, restaurants etc. Your accountant can advise you further before you buy wall art as an investment.

Are all the designs unique? How many papercuts are made of each design? Nahoko Kojima has been quoted as saying in an interview for the Independent “‘I never make the same image – ever – I don’t want to cut the same thing.’ For her Art pieces, Nahoko Kojima does not cut more than one unique piece and never allows it to be scanned for digital cutting.

The piece I like is sold. Can Nahoko create another one like it? No, the Artist will not cut more than one of the same unique design but why don’t you get in touch and tell her a bit about yourself and if she likes your ideas she may accept a commission to create a new piece especially for you at a similar cost to the original.

Why do Paper Cut Artists insist on cutting by hand? For the same reason that painters do not use ultra high quality printers to proof their paintings on to canvas. The process of scanning and digitising Art alters the design considerably and can never match papercutting by hand because the Artist also changes the design during the cutting process which is like their signature style of cutting. This process is impossible to emulate from one person to another, let alone a machine because it emanates during the process of flow not at the stage of inception.

Where can I find out more about the Paper Cut Artist, Nahoko Kojima? You can visit the Artist’s Paper Cut Art website or on wikipedia you can read the Artist Biography.

I want to make my own Paper Cut Art. Does Nahoko Kojima have any advice for me? Yes. Solo Kojima established a Facebook Paper Cut Art Community for people across the world of all ages to get involved and start sharing their own work. The community is overseen by Paper Cut master, Nahoko Kojima and some of the best works elicit a direct response and are noted by the Artist.