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Papercut Art master, Nahoko Kojima, is fast becoming one of the leading figures in Japanese Papercut Art and is spearheading the campaign to introduce the Art Form in the UK. She is the Co-Founder of Solo Kojima in Clerkwenwell, London, and leads all Art commissions created by the Studio.

peacock Paper Cut Art - Nahoko Kojima


Everything stands still when a peacock spreads its majestic wings. With this piece Nahoko Kojima pays homage….


This is the second in the series of majestic birds. The piece pays homage to the Flamingo,…

Pair (SOLD)

Pair, is a Paper Art piece full of romance and beauty. Intertwined in the continuous forms we…

Nahoko Kojima Open Studios Summer 2011

Aprroximately 3,100 people attended the event over the period of 4 days.

Chandelier Piece - Paper Cut Art - Nahoko Kojima

Chandelier Skull – Japanese Paper Cut Art – Nahoko Kojima

Chandelier Skull Paper Art – Japanese Paper Cut Art piece has received huge interest from a wide…

Wearable Paper Cut Jewellery

Accessories PART SOLD

These Paper Art pieces can be worn as jewellery. They are unique handmade pieces with embedded papercuts…

Japanese Paper Cut Art: Haru - Nahoko Kojima

Japanese Paper Cut Art: Spring はる

Beautiful Paper Cut piece はる (meaning Spring) by Nahoko Kojima. The Paper Artist draws inspiration from Nature and the Seasons….

Paper Cut Art - Russian Folktale - Ruslan i Lyudmila - Nahoko Kojima

Ruslan i Lyudmila (SOLD)

Based on a Russian Folktale this piece was commissioned privately in 2010. It remains true to Nahoko…

Popup Shop Holborn London

Popup shop at 42 Theobalds Road, Holborn, London WC1X 8NW

Kiku Flowers PART SOLD

Nahoko Kojima Open Studios Christmas 2010

Attendance Figures (Number of People) 1,306 Friday (10 hours) 1,281 Saturday (7 hours) 921 Sunday (7 hours) 3,508 Total…

Rabbitmix Collection x3 Original Pieces

Set of three handmade papercuts based on the characteristics of a rabbit. 741 x 596 mm


Parrots is Nahoko Kojima’s largest Full Colour piece to date and features a culmination of cutting techniques…

Nahoko Kojima Open Studios Summer 2010

Approximately 3,300 people attended the event over the period of 4 days.

Paper Cut - Re - Nahoko Kojima


‘RE’ has a lot of positive applications. Redesign, Rethink, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle… These words all have…

Kojima at Tart 40winks Hotel

Paper Art Paper Artist Nahoko Kojima London exhibition.

Paper Cut Art Framed - Grace - Nahoko Kojima


Paper Cut Art – Nahoko Kojima. Grace (160 x 570 mm) When the summer comes and nature…

Nahoko Kojima Open Studios Christmas 2009

ONTOLOGICAL Lamps - Paper Cut Art - Nahoko Kojima

Ontological Lamps

These works are based on the principle and nature of existence. Four handmade Papercuts encased in acrylic…

Nahoko Kojima - Solo London Show

Kojima at Exposure Gallery

Month long solo Exhibition at the Exposure Gallery, Little Portland Street, London W1W. By seeing things from…

Fragrance Table

Various handmade papercuts embedded in a dining table made of tempered glass and acrylic. Solid walnut legs….

Paper Cut - Nahoko Kojima


Solo Kojima created this promotion for the Japanese Book Therapist, Satomi. Her branch of psychology deals with…

Kojima at Exhibition Epicurian Lounge, Clerkenwell, London, UK

5 Senses Touch, Smell, Hear, See and Taste. I am expressing all these senses using a rabbit….