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Nahoko Kojima is fast becoming one of the leading figures in Japanese Papercut Art and is spearheading the campaign to introduce the Art Form in the UK. She is the Co-Founder of Solo Kojima in Clerkwenwell, London, and leads all Art commissions created by the Studio.

Collect 2012 Nahoko Kojima Press

Press Coverage – Nahoko Kojima’s Interview on her Cloud Leopard at Collect 2012

Paper Artist Nahoko Kojima in the Collect 2012 Catalogue, discussing her Paper Art, Cloud Leopard.

Graphic Design Illustration

Solo & Kojima Summer Open Studio 2012

Thank you to everyone that came to our Summer Open Studio Event, part of the Clerkenwell Design…

Saatchi Gallery Nahoko Kojima Cloud Leopard

Nahoko Kojima selected – Craft Council’s Collect 2012, Saatchi Gallery

The Craft Council has announced that Papercut Artist, Nahoko Kojima, has been selected as one of only…

Christmas Art - Japanese Artist - Nahoko Kojima

Japanese Artist, Nahoko Kojima’s Christmas Story Papercut

Christmas Story Papercut by Japanese Artist, Nahoko Kojima in commemoration of the 25th. Anniversary of Christmas Open Studios…

Paper Cut Artist Nahoko Kojima Christmas Open Studio 2011

Nahoko Kojima Open Studios Christmas 2011

Solo Kojima was invited by Cockpit Arts to brand their special 25th. Anniversary Christmas Open Studio. Illustrations…

Nahoko Kojima Open Studios Summer 2011

Aprroximately 3,100 people attended the event over the period of 4 days.

Popup Shop Holborn London

Popup shop at 42 Theobalds Road, Holborn, London WC1X 8NW

Nahoko Kojima Open Studios Christmas 2010

Attendance Figures (Number of People) 1,306 Friday (10 hours) 1,281 Saturday (7 hours) 921 Sunday (7 hours) 3,508 Total…

Nahoko Kojima Open Studios Summer 2010

Approximately 3,300 people attended the event over the period of 4 days.

Kojima at Tart 40winks Hotel

Paper Art Paper Artist Nahoko Kojima London exhibition.

Nahoko Kojima Open Studios Christmas 2009

Nahoko Kojima - Solo London Show

Kojima at Exposure Gallery

Month long solo Exhibition at the Exposure Gallery, Little Portland Street, London W1W. By seeing things from…

Solo Kojima typeface used in book cover: Pars Pro Toto

Neubau-55 Arabic Edition was used in the cover of this publication. The typeface was designed by Solo…

Type One: Discipline and Progress in Typography

NeuBau-55 Arabic Edition Typeface made by Solo Kojima (Mule) was featured in the foreword of Type One,…

Published in Tres Logos

NeuBau-55 Arabic Edition Logo by Solo Kojima, featured in Tres Logos.

Kojima at Exhibition Epicurian Lounge, Clerkenwell, London, UK

5 Senses Touch, Smell, Hear, See and Taste. I am expressing all these senses using a rabbit….