Year: 2009

Nahoko Kojima Open Studios Christmas 2009

ONTOLOGICAL Lamps - Paper Cut Art - Nahoko Kojima

Ontological Lamps

These works are based on the principle and nature of existence. Four handmade Papercuts encased in acrylic…

Nahoko Kojima - Solo London Show

Kojima at Exposure Gallery

Month long solo Exhibition at the Exposure Gallery, Little Portland Street, London W1W. By seeing things from…

Fragrance Table

Various handmade papercuts embedded in a dining table made of tempered glass and acrylic. Solid walnut legs….

Paper Cut - Nahoko Kojima


Solo Kojima created this promotion for the Japanese Book Therapist, Satomi. Her branch of psychology deals with…

Solo Kojima typeface used in book cover: Pars Pro Toto

Neubau-55 Arabic Edition was used in the cover of this publication. The typeface was designed by Solo…