Wall Sculptures: Red Squirrel エゾリス

Paper Cut Art Framed: Red Squirrel エゾリス (2015) by Nahoko Kojima is a playful piece showing the story of how the red squirrel collects a mass of acorns underground during the Summer each year and then remembers the particular spot to dig during the harsh Winter months, even if it is covered with snow. The Artist represents the ratio of animal to acorn by showing a tiny squirrel sitting on top of one gigantic acorn. Perhaps it is showing a cross section and the squirrel is actually shown sitting on the ground peering into a hole, checking to make sure the treasure trove remains untouched. Yet another charming piece which is mysteriously painted Gold on the back. When hung on a white wall this creates a golden halo around the Art from the bounced radiosity from behind the piece, creating a striking contrast with the stark black washi paper used for the front of the piece. This could be seen as a warmth emanating from the harvest or perhaps a reference to a golden treasure.

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Handmade Paper Cut Art by Nahoko Kojima
28 x 38 cm (11 x 15″) Cavity Frame with shatter proof acrylic glaze
1 Sheet Japanese Washi – Museum grade archival quality paper
Gold and Black Sumi Ink

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Wall Sculptures: Red Squirrel エゾリスpapercutartist