Japanese Paper Cut Sensu by Nahoko Kojima

The Japanese Sensu ( 扇子) or folding fan dates back to the Nara era, during the late eighth century, when it gained popularity amongst the nobility as a utility to stay cool during the summer. After a millennium of refinement the object exists now as an artistic means of expression, a multifaceted accessory occupying a wide spectrum of uses from utility, luxury ornamentation of maiko and geisha to fine art used as display.
Nahoko Kojima, a master Takumi of Kirie (Japanese paper cut) and leading protagonist of the paper cut sculpture movement uses the sensu as a blank canvas, transforming it into a work of fine art. This is a limited run replica of the original work cut by the artist, and has been painstakingly handcrafted by artisans in Kyoto, Japan, using techniques dating back to 1718. Kojima’s Kirie art is inspired by nature, the seasons and time, researching directly from the source, interweaving narrative into her art and celebrating the delight of the simplest things, the uncovering of which she defines as a hidden beauty.


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Japanese Paper Cut Sensu by Nahoko Kojimapapercutartist